Four Benefits Of Enrolling Your Teen In Improv Classes

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Four Benefits Of Enrolling Your Teen In Improv Classes

29 August 2017
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Many theater groups and local colleges have begun offering improv classes in which students learn how to deliver comedic performances off-the-cuff. If your teen has been asking to take some of these classes at a place like Synergy Theater, improv classes are a lot more than a way to have a good time. There are actually many benefits your teen will experience by taking part in these classes.

Improved Social Skills

Imrpov forces you to think on your toes and come up with witty sayings and comebacks at the drop of a hat. This will greatly benefit your teen as he or she navigates social situations, from making new friends at college to meeting influential company owners. Your teen will feel more socially comfortable knowing that he or she can easily keep the conversation going when it reaches a low point -- and with interesting banter, too! Teens often have a hard time "finding themselves" socially, and improv classes will definitely help expedite this self-discovery process.

Better Presentation Skills

Most kids do not love public speaking, and to be honest, most adults do not either! But once your teen gets used to standing up in front of a crowd and doing improv, giving a formal presentation or speech will be a piece of cake. Being able to confidently and effectively deliver a presentation will make life easier for your teen in so many ways, from succeeding in school projects to one day leading company meetings.

New Friends

Teens sometimes feel isolated, even if they have a group of friends, because they spend all of their time at school with the same group of people. The drama among these friends can feel overwhelming at times if they are the only friend group your teen has. Joining improv classes is a good way for your teen to meet others outside of school. Plus, those people will share your teen's interest in comedy and theater, which will make them fun and relateable friends.

A Better Approach to Unforeseen Life Circumstances

In life, you have to learn to roll with the punches. Whether it's a job loss or a breakup, bad things happen and they are not always easy to handle. It takes most adults years to learn to "roll with the punches," but this is exactly what improv teaches. So, your teen will develop the skills to let things roll of their back earlier than most, which will emotionally equip them to handle whatever life brings.

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